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21 – 15 – 9 THE FALL

Ten years of raw CrossFit experience in 40.000 words.

What brainstorming!

Like a flipping coin that falls from the sky!

A constant mix of two same – same but different stories.

A bibliography of George Vorrias, who is considered as one of the first who discovered and adapted into CrossFit methodology in Europe and more specifically in Greece.

A brilliant mix of perspectives of a businessman, a CrossFit athlete, and a coach.

A spot of light on the gray zones of the evolution of CrossFit as a brand, in combination with life, learned lessons after the free fall, the market explosion and the blow-off of the CrossFit business model curve in Greece.

Type: Ebook / 210 pages
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Price: $4.90



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56 questions on your brand new business idea!
This is what this book is all about…Learning the basic market terms and questions you can ask about the practical challenges that you are going to face during the execution procedure. 
While at the same time, you will work on the skills of micro-pivoting and adjusting. 
Similar to brainstorming, you will learn to focus on more practical issues than theoretical as it generates a much wider perspective on business ideas. 
As a result, you will learn to master the art of transforming an idea into a much better and practical version.
The great successes come from having the freedom to fail.

Ideas don't come out fully formed 
They only become clear as you work on them.
So, it's really critical to be sure to test your idea at least at some basic level before you go through your next steps, before starting a business, before investing time & money!

Type: Ebook / 125 pages
Delivery: Instant download 
Price: $3.90





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